Stormie and Jess on the Christian O’Connell breakfast show

If you tuned in to GOLD 104.3 FM in Melbourne today, you may have heard some loud noises around 7.15am. That’s because Jess took Stormie in to meet the breakfast radio team, to prove to Christian O’Connell that her dog could sing.

While there may have been debate within the GOLD FM team as to what constitutes “singing” both Jess and Stormie had a great time, with Stormie getting a chance to make new friends and generously give everyone his trademark level of epic love. Nyx, his ever-dedicated backup singer couldn’t make it, so poor Stormie had to make-do with Jess’ vocal “support.”

Christian and his team are continuing their search for singing dogs, but in the meantime Stormie will continue to train his vocal cords and maybe, just maybe, his elusive talent will be recorded properly on camera. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’re confident it’ll happen when we least expect it. And probably when the camera is switched off (he’s such a diva).

Big thanks to the team at GOLD for being utterly delightful – couldn’t have asked for nicer people to meet. If you missed it, you can check out audio from the show soon via the GOLD website.

Jess and Stormie in the Gold FM studios