Typically, I really don’t like photo shoots. They make me uncomfortable. As an actor I’m used to movement – even if I’m listening and mostly “still” within a scene; there’s a freedom within movement that is relied upon to tell a character’s journey effectively, knowing you can move at any time and do anything physically that is truthful to the character (does that make sense? I think it does…)

That all changed last year. Over the past 8 months I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anna Maguire Creative on some stellar photo shoots, and I have to say I’m more than a little bit in love. There’s an ease and a grace in how Anna conducts her shoots and her gaze is astounding. Rather than make¬†me move around to get the right angle, she uses her camera like she’s positioning a canvas – getting up-close, getting high/low, whatever it takes to capture a moment, an expression, a unveiling of something hidden. And she is an absolute artist at her core – you should check out her Instagram.

There are so many things to love about her work. She makes me instantly comfortable, which in turn gives me permission to play (which all shoots should be about –¬†play). She’s un-intrusive, rather than feeling like you’re in the gaze of a voyeur you instead feel like you’re painting with her, helping her create something unique and beautiful (no matter how you’re feeling inside). It’s honestly too hard to put into words what she’s like to work with. Wizard comes to mind. Genius. Delightful. Lovely. Authentic. In fact, if you’re not feeling authentic when you rock-up, Anna will quickly get you into a real, truthful place inside of you. Even in states of vulnerability she has the ability to make you feel safe and excited to explore those exquisite emotions.

Anna is one of those wonderful artists I’m grateful to have stumbled across, and as cliche as this sounds I feel very #blessed to work with someone so magical. If you’re looking to work with a total boss babe who is damn brilliant, whether it’s for acting headshots, portraits, or simply to see what kind of art you can make, she’s absolutely worth your consideration. In fact, don’t even consider, just book her, because you won’t regret it.