Je suis un pizza.

‚ÄčJessica Hutchinson a voiceover, motion capture performer and screen actor who is passionate about characters that move audiences and explore the depths of humanity. Jess is also a screenwriter and producer, creating stories that provide a stage for the diverse voices that Australia has to offer.

She has worked as an actor for over a decade across theatre, film and television, including sitcom Fergus in Hell and series El Poder del Ninja Panda. Jess has trained in screen performance, stunts and improvisation with teachers and coaches across Australia and Los Angeles, including Jack Plotnick, The Groundlings, Anna McCrossin-Owen, Shane Connor and Kevin Harrington at Howard Fine, and at Impro Melbourne with the legendary Patti Stiles.

Beyond film and television, Jess’ vocal talents feature in video games Dead Static Drive, StormRend and Puzzle Quest 3.

In 2019 Jess was the co-recipient of the WIFT Victoria scholarship to the Compton School Creative Leadership course, mentored by acclaimed producers and filmmakers Andrea Buck (The Jammed) and Sue Maslin AO (The Dressmaker, Japanese Story).

Jess is dedicated to improving screen diversity and raising the voices and talents of underrepresented communities. She is an active member of the Australian Writers Guild, Women in Film and Television (Victoria and Australia) and the Screen Vixens Victorian chapter.

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